Saturday, September 25, 2010

Thank you.

Nick has worked so hard to help me make this house a home for me. Not many people would consider remodeling a house with someone that they have been dating for several months but apparently to him it seemed a no-brainer. He keeps me sane, slows me down when I'm moving too fast, and motivates me when I am moving too slow. Thank you Nick. I love living here especially because it's with you.

Too Long...



I am so bad at blogging. Then there is the guilt that sets in after so much time has passed between posts. The house is SO close to matching the vision I had when I first stood in front of it and imagined what it could be. The outside and inside have been painted, roof repaired, new flooring throughout, new fixtures all over the place, brand new bathroom, new countertops in the kitchen as well as a dishwasher and disposal that were both foreign entities at 1045 Gardendale. A "new to me" vintage oven that is still not quite functional....I could go on forever - a true overhaul. Alot of work and love have gone into what this house is now. There are a few more big projects to tackle but on the whole it is the "little" things that still need to get done and they seem to take FOREVER especially when you cannot devote your entire life to hanging curtains and touching up paint.

I posted some pics on facebook the night when the kitchen table made it's way into the kitchen. It was in the living room for about a year so it was indeed a very important occasion for me.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Beginning of Exterior paint/ roof repair

Here are some pictures from the beginning of the new exterior paint job and had some roof repair done at the same time. Wanted to replace the "flashing" (sp?) as it was a bit crumpled in spots from a tree hitting it....turns out it wasn't even flashing to begin with. Now it is for real.
ALSO had the roof re-sealed....another one of those "I wasn't planning on doing that right now..." things.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


The movers are going to move stuff to the house this Wednesday, Veterans day. Looks like I might be aero-bedding it at the apt. through the end of the week.
Next set of photos will also feature stacks of boxes, but here are some updated pics from earlier today. As you can see my new/old oven and dishwasher have been installed....but thats about it so far in the kitchen. The room with the yellow paint is the master bedroom.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Who will live at this address?: Part 2

Errol, the cat. He will be giant one day and unfortunately may no longer fit in the house.
He is stupid loveable and more puppy than cat. I still have reservations about having a cat at all....but he is pretty exceptional.